Is Your Job Killing You?


It’s been a long day.

Things haven’t gone to plan….again.

Patients not doing what they are meant to, your colleagues being a little ‘less’ than supportive, you can’t remember when you had a day off, without feeling so damn tired…you could cry.

Ever felt like that?

Me too…when even the floor looks like a fabulous place to have a quick rest!

You don’t dare stop, you’re already under the pump and taking time off is out of the question.

What’s really going on?

When you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and dog-tired, the worst thing you could possibly do is to keep going, doing the same thing.

It’s not going to resolve itself…until you do.

At the end of the day, the ONLY way to change this story is up to you.

Back in the day when I was nursing, every time you entered a patients’ room, you’re doing a nursing assessment.  Airway, breathing, circulation… Checking the condition of the patient, all before you actually open your mouth and say ‘good morning’.

How does this relate?

To get more out of your career and life, just like the vital signs of your patient, it’s best to do the same thing on yourself and your career.


Do a quick assessment.


Starting with you

#1 Nutrition 

Are you eating nutritious food to fuel your body?  It’s at times of heightened stress and business, food tends to get left to the last minute and you grab whatever is easiest.

When you’re the one going home to cook the evening meal, in my case for a family of seven, at times this can be a real challenge.

Something quick and easy versus making a nutritious meal from scratch?

We have all heard about the mid-afternoon slump, it happens to all of us.  Do you grab a nutritious snack, or make yet another cup of coffee and grab something sweet?

Eating the right foods to sustain you through these times is a must.

When It All Gets Too Much…Have Coffee!

#2 Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? Enough of the right kind of sleep.  Research tells us that the highest levels of melatonin are released between the hours of 9 pm and 2 am.  The more hours of sleep you have during this time, the more refreshed you will be.

As a shift worker, this can be super challenging…the thing is, it’s knowing what works best for you.

When I did nights, I would come home, grab a shower and head straight to bed.

On the other hand, my colleague would go home, eat breakfast, run to the bank, do a little shopping, and then head to bed around midday and sleep until 8 or so to get up and get ready for work.


Sleep is MORE important with a career in nursing, do the research, test out ways to get the rest you need.



#3 Exercise

Like sleep and nutrition, exercise is another thing that gets left off the high-priority high-return list in times of exhaustion.

The more you move, the more active you feel.

Results won’t happen and change until you do…it’s getting around that little voice in your head that is telling you to get on the couch and turn on your favourite Netflix series vs making the decision that is right… to go for that 30-minute walk and only then, jump on the couch and switch on Netflix.

Easy to say…harder to do.


#4 Priorities

What you focus on, is exactly what you will get.  Are you clear on what is the high priority, high return stakes?

Your energy is not a bottomless pit, there is a finite level each day.

Now more than ever is the time to use your precious energy on what matters the most, rather than all the pointless tasks that interrupt our day.


#5 Distraction

There will ALWAYS be distractions, how do you manage your distractions?

With five boys and a fur baby in our house, it is super easy for me to get distracted with all the noise in the house and in the business.

Email, Facebook, social media, kids, school, sports, phone calls…the list goes on and on.

With the level of noise in life today, focusing on what matters is critical to have a good margin.


#6 Saying “yes” to too many things

Are you the type of person, who says “yes” often yet your calendar and to-do list full of commitments?

Without a focus on YOU, your goals, and your priorities, it is super easy to say “yes” and then regret it, as you realise you can’t get done what you need to get done.

Or worse, end up working double shifts, extra days, with the pay-off being YOU and your family not having the downtime and time-out you deserve.

This habit can build into something serious.


#7 Lack of focus

Do you have multiple projects, and things on the go at the same time?

It is not possible to be at your best, and work on your career when you are working at breakneck speed on too many things at once.

Monotask, rather than multitask and see what happens


#8 Strategy

Are you using a career model and strategy that works for you?

Does it fit where you REALLY want to be in life?

If not, why not?

Do you want to create a business on the side, or change the direction in your career?

Traditional business models, where you build it and they will come, does not work to the fullest these days.

Technology, social media and a heightened level of awareness mean old systems need to be updated.  Doing them because your parents did it simply won’t cut it anymore.

In nursing, you worked in that way because “Florence in the Crimean War” did it that way.

Old systems cost you time, money and most importantly energy.

If you are feeling sick, tired and overwhelmed, the worst thing you can do is to continue as if nothing is wrong.

During 2016, I spent time in England with our family, getting medical treatment for one of our boys.

Paul and I continued to work…business as (almost) usual.

Without the hard work of the past 5 years or so, this would have been an option we may not have been able to have, one of which I am immensely grateful for.

With that said, as long as your current model serves and supports you, why would you change it?

If it is costing you, and I don’t mean just in your hip pocket, there are a lot of ways you can move towards a career or business model to allow you to do what you need and want.

Like living and travelling around the world.


Final Thoughts


Be honest with yourself.

Give yourself a break and objectively look at the signs.

What do you do next?

Don’t’ panic!

There will be some things you can tweak immediately, and others which will take more time to amend.

What can you control?

What is out of your control?

If you have a model, that is not firing the way you want, obviously, this cannot be changed overnight.


Start Here


Step One:

First and foremost, commit to you and give yourself a break TODAY.

You owe it to yourself.

Get outside, get away from your usual, get away from the visual pressures facing you.

Take a notebook and your favourite pen.

Old fashioned I know, but based on research…get it out of your head and get it down in front of you.


Step Two:

Be objective.

What can you change?

Nutrition – get advice, speak to an expert who will understand your lifestyle, your health goals and the best way to get you there.

We have a Nutrition expert on the team at Nurse Power HQ, let me know if you would like some information or help.

Sleep – if you don’t look after you, no one will.  Make a decision on when you will get into bed.

Get off your device.


Look at ways to get yourself ready for sleep.

Speak to a naturopath, someone who can help you without the need for ‘self-medication’.

Exercise – speak to someone who knows a thing or two about exercise, what will work in a sustainable way.

Too busy to get this happening?  Get outside and go for a walk!


Step Three:

Get focused.

Make it simple.

What are your top three priorities for YOU?

Write them down, sticky notes, whiteboard, notebook, whatever works…just not that 200-page business strategy.

Take a look at what you really want to be doing, how do you want to do it?

Planning, whether it be for you, your health, career or starting a business is critical to success and improving your success.

With simple planning, strategy and priorities, keeping focus will flow.

If you’re thinking about where else to start, why not start the Simple Goals Workbook, click on the link below to get started.