Nurse Power – Be The Best You Can Be So That You Get What You Want

Welcome to Nurse Power, a community specifially designed for nurses who love what they do, and want to get the most from themselves, their career and life.

Nursing – Helping Others.

Pretty simple and the reason most of us joined the profession in the first place.

You did your training, completed assessments, clinical placement, learnt amazing skills and then joined the workforce.

And this is where it can get a little tricky.

The focus is almost always on your ability to perform clinical skills, make split second decisions and give your all to your patients, your colleagues and the health care profession.

The thing is, this can come at a cost…a cost to you personally.

Exhaustion from shift work, exhaustion from emotional overload, exhaustion from an environment where YOU as a person can be overlooked.

Time to hit pause and take a look at YOU…what you need and want, so that you get the most from your profession AND life!

Hi, my name is Bron Watson and I have been a Registered Nurse for over twenty something years working in a number of acute and non-acute areas.


Bron and Paul Watson

Nurse Power was born in 2011, to provide a safe place for genuine nurses who want to keep it all together and be more than a statistic on a roster.

Nurse Power became a reality after continual feedback from undergraduate students hearing about their experiences in many areas of the health system. There were some positive stories, and unfortunately a number of stories which have changed the professional direction of many a student. Coupled with my own experience over the past twenty years and talking to my nursing friends around the globe, plus extensive research into this fascinating area, enough is enough and Nurse Power evolved.

Coupled with my own experience over two decades and talking to my nursing friends around the globe, plus extensive research into this fascinating area, enough is enough and BOOM…here we are.

We have a team of experts ranging from leadership, education, nutrition, health and well-being, emotional intelligence, clinical experts and business.

Nurse Power is NOT a place to learn a clinical skill, it is a place to learn the mindset to perform the clinical skill and be the expert in your field.


Our Vision

Provide quality evidence-based education to our members who value a collaborative approach to focusing on YOU the nurse and not how you perfrom at work, with a  focus on health and wellbeing, on quality education programs with the aim of supporting YOU, the nurse to reach whatever goals you may have…both persinally as well as professionally.

Mission Statement

The Nurse Power team is committed, resourceful, successful and passionate in taking responsibility for ourselves and supporting others to live at their full potential. We work within our ten points of Nurse Power culture because it serves as a blueprint for creating the life we want for ourselves and our community.

"Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do." Dr. Benjamin SpockWe believe in an abundance of opportunity for everyone who is willing to see it. Nurse Power is in the business to support nurses to live at their full potential in their lives, their relationships and their careers. We provide training, books, classes and coaching to support our members to achieve this.

Nurse Power members are committed to achieving their personal and professional. Nurse Power members are forward-thinking and know that success comes from being resourceful, flexible and having a willingness to learn what works and to unlearn what doesn’t.

This will be met through the innovation of the Nurse Power team by:

Developing courses, resources and state of the art training delivered via online training modules, webinars and live workshops provided to national and international members.

The team is committed to bringing this philosophy to nurses everywhere, especially those who are geographically isolated.


Our Values – The Ten Points Of Culture

The ten points of culture are for all trainers, mentors, facilitators, participants, and staff:

1. Integrity

We are truthful to ourselves and with others and we deliver as promised first time… every time.

2. Excellence

We endeavour to exceed all of our personal expectations about what we are capable of.

3. Responsibility

We take 100% responsibility for our actions and our non-actions. We take 100% responsibility for our results and our non-results.

4. Courage

We are willing to go beyond what we like to do and change our thinking to what needs to be done. We are constantly unrealistic about our potential and we are willing to see that we can be more, right now.

5. Communication

We take 100% responsibility for our communication effectiveness. We communicate honestly and clearly. We speak positively and endeavour to empower ourselves and others with how we communicate with ourselves and others. We take responsibility for our responses to people’s communication with us.

6. Trust

By demonstrating integrity in our personal and professional lives.

7. Fun

We choose to enjoy what we do and see it as play and not work. We share our sense of fun with others because it is easier to create change if we choose to have fun and be playful.

8. Behavioural flexibility

We know that if we don’t get an outcome the first, second or the third time…we must be willing to demonstrate behavioural flexibility and recognise it as feedback – not failure. We are willing to do it differently to get the results we want.

9. Sustainability and equality

We are committed to creating and maintaining sustainable solutions and not short term fixes. By maintaining the principles of social justice and respectful communication.

10. Appreciation

We are grateful and appreciate the opportunities that present themselves in our lives. We show our appreciation often, without prompts and say “thank you” easily.