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The Secret Of Taking Responsibility Will Make You Successful

You would think it was common knowledge. It may be known, but when it comes to the application in nursing…responsibility is not always present…fact! How many times do you hear people in nursing complaining about the rosters, about cash flow, about staffing, about management, about the health system and never actually taking any of the [...]

By |2017-11-22T15:47:58+11:00February 1st, 2018|Learn Smart|

4 Steps To A Solid Daily Routine

Robert Iger, the CEO of Disney starts his day at 4:30am. Margaret Thatcher was up every day at 5.00am. Frank Lloyd Wright at 4.00am along with countless CEO’s, COO’s, and Executives across the globe. Research has shown morning people have been found to be more proactive and more productive. And then there is nursing…a 24-hour-a-day [...]

By |2017-11-22T16:13:51+11:00November 22nd, 2017|Live Life|

The Disease Of Discontent In The Workplace And How To Fix It For Good

It never ceases to amaze me how often I hear people talking about what they want, or wish they had, and just plain focused on what they are missing rather than what they actually have. As the human race becomes faster paced, more stressed and anxious and depressed there seems that there simply has to [...]

By |2017-11-08T10:10:45+11:00October 11th, 2017|Learn Smart|

Opportunity…When You’re The Only One Who Gets It

Finally, you have found that ‘thing’ you have been looking for…yeah!!…being a nurse for you is so much more than a job, and just turning up for a shift! Your heart starts to beat a little faster, you feel that warm excitement feeling spilling out of your body, and you say to yourself. “I’ve got [...]

By |2017-10-06T17:07:32+11:00August 24th, 2017|Love Nursing|
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