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Opportunity…When You’re The Only One Who Gets It

Finally, you have found that ‘thing’ you have been looking for…yeah!!…being a nurse for you is so much more than a job, and just turning up for a shift! Your heart starts to beat a little faster, you feel that warm excitement feeling spilling out of your body, and you say to yourself. “I’ve got [...]

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How To Find What You Need To Know – Get The Right Balance In Nursing

  As we grow up our older generations hand down to us the golden blueprint. This blueprint consists of going to school to get good grades, to get that job which pays the bills, to be able to move out of home, find a partner, work our butt off, retire then die. For most, it's [...]

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A Revealing Look At Your Job And Immediately Improve Your Day [Infographic]

  Is Your Job Killing You?   It’s been a long day. Things haven’t gone to plan….again. Patients not doing what they are meant to, your colleagues being a little ‘less’ than supportive, you can’t remember when you had a day off, without feeling so damn tired…you could cry. Ever felt like that? Me too…when [...]

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How To Ask More Questions At Work With Confidence

Other people do it. Your friends do it. Your colleagues do it. Even the little lady who lives down the road does it. Stay with me here. I am talking about asking a question to a problem, regarding something you want to know. As an educator, I have seen so many times, confusion lingering in [...]

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