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Nursing = A Busy Life!

Get What You Want By
Keeping It Simple...

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To be truly successful, there really is only ONE way to make it happen…to focus on the 'RIGHT' stuff, on a daily basis and be the nurse you always knew you would be.

You are successful, you're working, you know what youre doing BUT you want MORE.
More of everything...
* A life outside your job
* A better position, or qualification
* Leveraging what you do.
* Time.

 It’s tough.
Keeping it all together - work, life, health, family to name a few.

More than tough...right?!
It annoys you no end, seeing others, who are not as good as you, getting the leverage you want…frustration and being caught up IN the mayhem at work.

Sick and tired…of not enough time, energy or money to sort it out. 
There is something you can do though, focus on the RIGHT things that gets you the results you are looking for, without the headache stress and lack of energy.
When done correctly, this is the game changer for everyone.

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The cost to implement: Zero…nothing!  You won't need to spend a cent to implement to get the right results into your life.
The hitch: There isn't one, just some time to work ON getting things sorted.  When you get it right, the reward helps you, your profession and beyond.
The result: YOU working on the RIGHT stuff, sending a clear message to the right people, confidence and no longer feeling second best.
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A bit about Bron...

Hi, my name is Bron Watson and I have been a Registered Nurse and Educator for well over twenty years, and have worked in a number of acute and non-acute areas, a nurse educator at the bedside, as well as having the privilege of teaching at at both a tertiary institution and college.

Nurse Power launched back in 2012  after continual feedback from undergraduate students, and nurses about their experiences in many areas of the health system, both good and not so good.

There were some positive stories, and unfortunately a number of stories which have changed the professional direction of many a student and professional member.

Coupled with my own experience over the past twenty plus years and talking to my nursing friends around the globe, plus extensive research, there is a definite deficit in the way in which nurses are educated, and cared for.

I am passionate about changing the profession for the better, to get rid of the belief of “Your'e only a nurse” and to empower nurses to be what they want to be, both at work, at study, at play and  take control of their lives.

My mission is to support nurses live life the way they want, work confidently in thier area of expertise and get what they want out of life.

Whether it be write a book, start a business, learn a new skill or become the expert in what they do best at work...and be renumerated appropriately.